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The Storehouse stands as a captivating testament to the past, originally erected in 1939 and meticulously refurbished into a piece of history. Initially serving as an auxiliary storage facility for the expansive country estate, the ground floor housed horses and donkeys, while the remainder stored a bounty of olives, currants, grain, and cheese. Upstairs, it stored essential hay and animal feed, embodying the agricultural essence of its time.

Surviving the 1953 earthquake that devastated Zakynthos and left the farmhouse in ruins, the storehouse emerged unscathed, prompting its transformation. As the winds of change ushered in a burgeoning tourist industry, the storehouse lay dormant until the early 1980s, when a dedicated restoration breathed new life into its timeworn walls.

Distinguished by its unmatched insulation—its exterior walls boasting a substantial one-meter thickness—the storehouse exudes resilience. The warm ochre exterior walls not only contribute to its robust structure but also set the stage for an inviting ambiance on the shaded and picturesque veranda. Today, The Storehouse stands as both a living testament to a bygone era and a charming residence, seamlessly blending history with modern habitation.

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